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Meet Us

We have been in business since 1976. The founder, Scott Goodman, recently retired after working in this industry since 1965. The business continues under the leadership of Jennifer Anderson and Jeanette Rigali (who worked with Scott for several years and were vested in the knowledge of sewing and embroidery machines as well as vacuums.)

We embraced the challenge of business ownership with our sights set on the future.  Wanting to put our own touches in place we have added loyalty rewards and birthday coupons for our customers.  We have rearranged the store, added our own personal touches to the decor and opened up space for a larger classroom area.  We have been adding classes to our schedule for all kinds of sewing and embroidery.  We are thrilled to be back in person after two long years of only online learning and look forward to expanding our class selections and teachers as time goes forward.
We are excited to help you with your sewing machine choices and look forward to another 45 years of business!  Thank you to our wonderful customers that continue to support our business and we hope you continue with us on this adventure.

Our Staff

Jennifer Anderson of Sewing Machine WarehouseCrafty co-owner and all around brilliant, penguin loving queen.  Factory trained on several brands of machines and digitizing software, she is an avid quilter & embroiderer.  Her specialties include: embroidery software, stabilization, multi-needle machines, long-arm and sit-down quilters and general technician services.  Highly energetic/highly involved:  PTA Treasurer, Boy Scout mom, wife and mother of twin Eagle Scouts
Jeanette Rigali Sewing Machine WarehouseClever co-owner, lover of dragons and unicorns, the first of her name. Mother of two girls and two cats, addicted to wine and video games she has been in the sewing machine industry since 2014. 
She likes to quilt and embroider her favorite spirit animal the unicorn (which matches her wild hair).
June McNamara, sassy sales maverick and quilter of the gods.  Seen at the recent Long Beach Quilt Show (Note the “Eleanor Burns” boa).  June is a noted instructor and embroidery maniac.  Her expertise includes several brands of embroidery software, longarm quilting and the new Brother Scan 'N Cut.  When out of the store, she can be found sewing, embroidering, quilting, embellishing, teaching sewing, talking about sewing, reading about sewing, watching television about sewing…well, you get the idea.
Manuel Ramirez-Mendoza ingenious and talented master technician he has been our lead technician since 2000.  Customers love his top-quality work.  He is a master technician on industrial, electronic, and multi-needle machines.  Always smiling, always happy, always involved with his family.  We are thankful that he is part of our staff and extended family.
Cindy Bloom is our resident sewing instructor. Cindy earned her MBA at Pepperdine. She unwinds from analyzing numbers, spreadsheets and pie charts with her crazy fiber arts skills. Incredibly bright, incredibly creative and incredibly fun! She has amassed an incredible array of top-of-the-line sewing, embroidery, software, overlock, embellishing and sashiko tools.  Ask her about her favorites.



  16214 Nordhoff Street.
       North Hills, CA 91343


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