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AccuQuilt to the rescue!

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I sew like a drunken sailor, rarely a straight line for me and definitely not acheiving that perfect 1/4" quilt-standard seam. Here are some tools that help keep me in the game.

My piecing foot is designed with a little guide on the right edge - works like a wall to keep my 1/4" seam at pretty close to ideal. Next challenge, my cutting is not much better than my seams. Sometimes my 2 1/2" strip starts out 2 1/2" but finishes 2 3/4" at the end.

How can I improve my quilt skills? AccuQuilt was the easy answer. The AccuQuilt system has changed quilting tasks and made my hobby so much easier. I stack six layers of fabric on the AccuQuilt die and get six (or more) perfectly cut pieces. This system was built for quilters, by quilters. All the features and shapes that quilters want are available in AccuQuilt's vast library of dies. Strips in all sizes. Difficult-to-cut shapes, complicated patterns, and seasonal novelty dies are easy to acquire. Cute appliqué designs are released frequently. The "dog ears" are trimmed, too. For those of you who don't know, "dog ears" happen, when you sew two triangles together and the little ends hang over. You have to cut them off. These are already trimmed on the die board. Super cool.

The dies are super safe, too. Metal cutting blades are deeply embedded within high density foam, and only accessed for cutting under AccuQuilt’s high-pressure roller system. The foam is contrast shaded, so you know where each die will cut.

My biggest challenge? I have all these cool dies. There are shapes that make fun blocks but I just don't know where to start. Eleanor Burns revolutionized the die system by making a Qube. A Qube takes 8 of the most popular dies and combines them together to get 72 quilt block patterns. Combine 8 more shapes for another 144 blocks. So now I have three Qube sets with 16 dies that will make 216 blocks. What do I do now? I watch oodles of YouTube videos for inspiration, and wish I could make a decision about which of these 216 great blocks I should make.

AccuQuilt to the rescue! They built a beautiful quilt system for us dealers, and made easy-to-read direction sheets so we can share the system with our customers. Our latest engagement? Accuquilt, Beyond the Qube Quilt. I have been teaching this great quilt for six months now (we do a little bit each month so it is not so overwhelming). We have a few over-achievers in my Zoom class that can't resist moving forward at light speed, and we enjoy the progress of their quilts while we take it one block at a time. This is a fun class. I really enjoy making the videos- teaching each month's techniques and then doing a live Zoom class to see everyone's progress, answer questions, and enjoy a bit of socialization, in a face-to-face gallery with quilters that have been socially isolated.

If you have the Accuquilt system and are scared to try it, put some fabric on those babies and see what you are missing. If you do not possess the AccuQuilt system yet, come into the store and check out the options. I recently cut an entire queen size quilt in just a couple of hours. The Go BIG system is electric and can be used with minimal hand or wrist strength. Great for seniors and those with disabilities. The AccuQuilt, Beyond the Qube Quilt has over 1,500 pieces in it and I cut the whole thing out in 3 hours!

Come change your quilting adventure and see how AccuQuilt cuts time and gets you quilting faster. Or check out our online guided class: Accuquilt Beyond the QUBE

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