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More than meets the eye

Choosing a great sewing machine or vacuum cleaner by spec sheet or feature list is challenging. One cannot feel the maneuverability or hear the sound on a web page. Our passionate associates are constantly trained and are experts on each of the 70+ different models on display in our clean, well-lit, showroom.  We use and service the models that we offer. We know which models our customers are happiest using.  Call for a consult. Share your needs & desires. Let us help you make a great selection





Bags vs. Bagless

Tired of going to your local mega mart, trying to find your specific vacuum bag? Thinking about a bagless vacuum so that you never have to buy bags again? It’s not quite that simple. The vacuum specialists at Kneedle.com and Sewing Machine Warehouse prefer bagged vacuums due to their superior performance and increased hygiene and longer service life. To learn more about why we feel this way, we must first gain a better understanding of how these unsung heroes of home hygiene actually do their thing. Geek material follows: you’ve been warned.



Creative Customer Profile


Sheila Frampton Cooper


The signature shock of indigo in her hair is an indicator that Sheila Frampton-Cooper has a creative streak. Bringing a visual artist's eye to fabric arts, Sheila's quilts are original, vibrant and emotionally evocative. Her sewing toolbox include Bernina's 820, 430 and Baby Lock's Espire/Symphony.

You can see her locally at "Project Linus" exchanging creative ideas and inspiration with other Quilter's. 

See her portfolio at www.zoombaby.com


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